Grupo Figer

Soccer Career Management

The Figer Group works strategically on the development of each of the athletes’ careers that it represents, personalizing the work according to the individual needs of each athlete, which is, seeking in the football market the best opportunities for the rise of his career. The work includes cases ranging from the semi-pro to professional athletes, accompanying and acting on their behalf throughout their career, and additionally including planning for their career’s closure and transitioning into the post-active player market whether as a commentator, coach, intermediary, etc… . In addition, the Figer Group offers athletes representation, with a legal structure in partnership with the Tannuri & Ribeiro Law Firm, a financial and accounting structure, as well as full image consulting. Some of the most important athletes who have had their careers managed by the Figer Group are: Zé Roberto, Júlio Baptista, Diego Lugano, Alex de Souza, Hulk, Dunga, Muller, Silas, Ricardo Rocha, Diego Aguirre, Fábio Aurélio, Alex Silva, Marlos, and Thiago Ribeiro .