Grupo Figer

SM-Sports Training Center


In January 2010, the Figer Group began investing in the training of athletes, inaugurating a training center in the city of Londrina, which is well-known nationally in all respects, mainly in respect of ground base category. With an full green area of 156,000 square meters , the Training Center has six official sized football fields, one of which is designated for official matches, with changing rooms, squash area, sand court, and Olympic-sized pool.


Training center has a complete physical therapy clinic and medical clinic, some of the most modern in the market. The training center has the capacity to accommodate 130 athletes and all rooms are equipped with a television and air conditioning. The lodgings also have library, study room, living area, game rooms and wi-fi accessible internet. The Training Center also has a restaurant where four meals are served daily, all according to a balanced diet and controlled by nutritionists.