Grupo Figer

Football Management – Londrina Esporte Clube

londrinaecIn 2010, the Figer Group assumed the management of Londrina Esporte Clube, but prior to this, the group participated in the soccer management of teams such as Primavera de Indaiatuba (SP), XV de Piracicaba (SP) and Iraty (PR) where Figer acquired expertise and later assumed management of a major club, which is still managed by Figer to the present. While managing Iraty, the Figer Group won third place in the 2010 Paranaense Championship, receiving the title of Interior Champion. The excellent campaign guaranteed  a spot to compete in the D-Series of the 2010 Brazilian Championship and the 2011 Brazilian Cup. While managing the Londrina Esporte Clube (LEC), in 2011, the team won the title of 2nd Division Champion Paranaense, guaranteeing its place in the A-series. In 2012 campaign the club was able to reach fifth place, in its first year thus keeping the team in the elite of the Paranaense Soccer Clubs.

Already by the year 2013, the excellent management resulted in the first great state level achievement, the title of Champion of the Paranaense Interior. Later, the following year, the Londrina Esporte Clube (LEC) became the Paranaense Champion, which had not happened for 22 years, proving even more the good work that was being done at the club. Still in 2014, the LEC achieved its highest goal of the season. After a beautiful campaign in the Brazilian Cup, eliminated only by Santos in the third stage, having won the first leg at the Estádio do Café, Tubarão was guaranteed a spot for the C-series of the Brazilian Championship. In the year 2015, the LEC was also two-time champion of the interior of Paraná and returned to Series B of the Brazilian Championship after eleven years of waiting. In 2016, the team became three-time champion of the Interior by beating the PSTC, away from home, on penalties. With the return to Series B, the club is embarking on one of its best campaigns, seeking one of the four vacancies for Series A in 2017.